Mocking an Interactive Mobile UI with Adobe Photoshop CC & POP

"There are many design courses and tools out there, but this one can cut a corner for you." This course teaches you how to create a mock mobile UI with Adobe Photoshop CC. In the 1st module, you will learn a quick hack in familiarizing yourself with the workspace and the user interface of Adobe Photoshop CC. Later, you shall learn the essential drafting tools for creating a UI. This course is human-friendly, and no prior experience are required.
Module 1 Intro to Adobe Photoshop CC
Unit 1 Intro to Adobe Photoshop CC: The Workspace
Unit 2 Exercise 01 - Working with Adobe Photoshop CC
Unit 3 Exercise 02 - Mocking a "Sign in" Form
Unit 4 Design Challenge #1 - Mocking a New User Sign-up Form
Unit 5 Design Challenge #1 - The Solution
Unit 6 A Mash-up Workflow for Adobe Photoshop CC