About Me

Lin Chou Cheng

Hi, my name is Lin Chou, and you can call me Lin for short as Cheng is my surname.

I am a human-centered designer, teacher & UX consultant based in Singapore. I work in the Public Service Sector, and I love to mingle around with the local creative communities whenever I am free. As a practitioner, I always interested in the science that fostered the interaction between human and the user interfaces that are surrounding them. I like to share what I’ve learned in anything that pertains to Human-Centered Design, indieGAME Development, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, and Life itself through drawing & street photography.

If you are only curious about who I am, this is where you stop reading. If you need an additional pair of eyes to look at the problem that needs solving, please read on and learn more about me at LinkedIn.

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